Toys are children's words and play is their language.

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Babies explore their environment by touching and tasting-so you can bet that every single toy in her room has been chewed or drooled on at least once. And because things constantly end up in their mouths, babies can easily pick up germs and illness. We clean toys differently depending on the type of toy and the type of material used in manufacturing the toy. They include:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Bath Toys
  • ‍Board Books and Rubber Toys

Don't go crazy sending your baby's toys and other play equipment to us, but be sure to give us a call when you notice they're particularly gummed up with food or saliva. Everyday toys, which means those you carry in the diaper bag or your baby's favorites, should be cleaned weekly. You should also clean toys thoroughly in the following instances:

- When your baby is recovering from an illness like diarrhea or a cold

- After a play date since other children have put your baby's toys in their mouths

- If the toy hasn't been played with in awhile (it's still probably harboring bacteria!)

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The best toys are indeed gender neutral wooden blocks, animals, people and vehicles. Leave the rest up to the kids, who can do amazing things with just a few supplies.

  • Express Time Per Item
    30 minutes - Depending on the size, type & material
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